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We want your excess used Cisco routers, used Cisco switches, used Cisco modules and other used Cisco network hardware.

Envisage IT Broking is able to offer an extensive range of used Cisco routers, used Cisco switches, used Cisco network modules and other refurbished networking hardware due to our global contacts within the refurbished networking hardware marketplace. This is a very valuable tool for guaranteeing a consistent supply of used network hardware but does not offer the lowest possible price for Australian business due to import costs.

When we buy your excess used Cisco routers, used Cisco switches, used Cisco modules and other excess Cisco networking hardware not only do you receive a benefit but the Australian economy benefits twofold via a reduction of unnecessary imports, together with a lower end user price from Envisage IT. The planet is the other area that benefits from recycling used Cisco routers and used Cisco switches due to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and the use of less of the earth’s natural resources.

To help us help you, the environment, Australia's balance of payments and Australian businesses we need you to help us by recycling your used Cisco routers, used Cisco switches and all the other used Cisco networking hardware you have as soon as it becomes available. The longer you sit on your used Cisco hardware the lower it's second hand value becomes so act now to achieve maximum return.

Envisage IT Broking offers various disposal options for your used Cisco routers and other used Cisco networking hardware.

  1. We can purchase your used Cisco routers, used Cisco switches etc and re-cycle them within Australia or export them overseas.
  2. We can offer you a credit note against future purchases of quality refurbished Cisco networking hardware or any product not allowed by your business, budget makers.
  3. We can offer a trade in allowance/credit note combination against used Cisco network hardware purchases.
  4. If your organisation does not have a procedure in place for the sale of used Cisco routers etc we can tailor an option to your specific needs.

Act now and provide full details of your used Cisco networking hardware - tomorrow it could be worth less.

Please provide as much information as possible as this will enable us to keep it near the top of our “to do” list eg, Quantity, Manufacturer’s part number, memory configuration, location(s), condition eg. Scratches/dents/internal dust. Whether original accessories are missing/included eg rack mounts/cables,

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