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IP Telephony

Cisco have developed an extensive IP Telephony product range to cater to all sizes of business and customer needs. Phone

Whether you need portable or multi line fixed telephones, Envisage IT can source the product to meet your requirements. The CP-79410G and CP-79610G IP phones are the most sought after used Cisco phones currently available but Envisage IT Broking can source whichever used Cisco IP phones you require.

We can assist you with all your Cisco VoIP hardware requirements such as used Cisco Media Convergence Servers (MCS), used Cisco VoIP Gateways and used Cisco voice modules. We also have power cubes and used Cisco switches incorporating power over Ethernet that are compliant with past and current standards to ensure you match what you have whilst growing.

Please use the browse function below to find what you require or contact us to help you with your requirements.


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Cisco Guides
Cisco Guides

Cisco Product Quick Reference Guides. For brief overviews, important features, specifications, part numbers and ordering information
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