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Memory upgrades for used Cisco routers or Supervisor Engines on used Cisco switches can be an expensive upgrade if you want new Cisco original badged and boxed equipment.

We sell new 3rd party memory for your used Cisco routers and switches as well as "Cisco authorised" memory from the same manufacturers that supply memory to Cisco.

AMC Transceiver

Cisco memory is one item that seems particularly expensive when compared to the pricing available from us.

We provide 36 months warranty on memory or better and savings in excess of 90% over Cisco new boxed product is often achievable.

Cisco would have you believe that 3rd party equipment voids your warranty but this is an untrue myth that Cisco would have you believe to ensure you buy their branded product. In simple terms the supplier of the 3rd party equipment (Us) would supply the warranty on it’s equipment and Cisco would supply the warranty on their equipment.


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Cisco Guides
Cisco Guides

Cisco Product Quick Reference Guides. For brief overviews, important features, specifications, part numbers and ordering information
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