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Part Number Description  
CS-MARS-110-K9 CSMARS 110 2RU Appliance;7500EPS;1500GB;RAID 10;Redundant
CS-MARS-110R-K9 CSMARS 110R 2RU Appliance;4500EPS;1500GB;RAID 10;Redundant
CS-MARS-GC2-K9 MARS GC2 2RU Appliance;2000GB;RAID10;Redundant PS
CS-MARS-GC2R-K9 MARS GC2R 2RU Appliance; 2000GB; RAID 10; Redundant PS
CS-MARS-20R-K9 MARS-20R-1RU Appliance
CS-MARS-100-K9 PN-MARS 100 3RU Appliance; 5;000 EPS; 750GB RAID10; HW/SW
CS-MARS-50-K9 PN-MARS 50 1RU Appliance; 1;000 EPS; 240GB RAID0; HW/SW
CS-MARS-GC-K9 PN-MARS Global Controller (Any Model LC); HW/SW

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