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Part Number Description  
LL58-MMTL-216 216 Modem Management Technology License
LL58-MMTL-324 324 Modem Management Technology License
AS58-1CT3/216U AS5800 Series Channelized T3 Card + 216 DSP Ports
AS58-24CE1 AS5850 24 Port CE1 Card
AS58-24CT1 AS5850 24 Port CT1 Card
AS58-ERSC-2GE/2 AS5850 Enhanced Route Switch Controller Card (Secondary)
AS58-ERSC-2GE AS5850 Enhanced Route Switch Controller Card + GE
AS5850-EG-SK AS5850 Enhanced RSC Starter Kit; Gigabit Interface
FR585-DATA-LIC AS5850 IOS Data License Per Port
FR585-ENHVOX-LIC AS5850 IOS Enhanced Voice License Per Port
AS58-1STM1 AS5850 Single Port STM-1 Card
AS585-1DS3-672-V AS5850;2 eRSC;1DS3;864 DSPs;Dual DC;SP Plus;672 ENHVOX Lics
AS585-24E1-720-V AS5850;2 eRSC;24E1;972 DSPs;Dual DC;SP Plus;720 ENHVOX Lics
AS585-1STM1-1890-V AS5850;2eRSC;1STM1;1944 DSPs;Dual DC;SP Plus;1890 ENHVOX Lic
LL-IR-RSC Cisco IOS RSC InterDomain Routing/Tag Switching
LL58-RPML-216 IOS Resource Pool Management License (for CT3)
LL-NF-RSC IOS RSC NetFlow License
LL58-RPML-324 RPM License for AS5800 Series UPC Card
CAB-STM1-BANTAM STM-1 test port cable

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