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Part Number Description  
CTS-MXP-1000N 1000 MXP Unit NTSC Non Encrypted Version Spare
CTS-MXP-1000P-K9 1000 MXP Unit PAL - SPARE
CTS-MXP-1000P 1000 MXP Unit PAL Non Encrypted Version Spare
CTI-VCS-BRAGEEARS 116269 Brage Rack Ears Kit
PWR-CORD-US-D 118528 Cord Pwr US YP-12 to YC12
PWR-CORD-EUR-D 118665 Cord Pwr EUR YP23 to YC12
PWR-CORD-AUS-D 118668 Cord Pwr AUS YP35 to YC12
PWR-CORD-CH-D 118671 Cord Pwr CH YP-46 to YC12
PWR-CORD-UK-D 118674 Cord Pwr UK YP-61 to YC12
PWR-CORD-ROK-D 118680 Cord Pwr ROK YP22K - YC12
CAB-SYS-DB9F 140025 Cable DB9 Female To DB9 Female
CTS-1700 1700 Non Encrypted Version Spare
CTS-3000CODEC 3000 CODEC Non Encrypted Version Spare
CTS-6000CODEC 6000 CODEC Non Encrypted Version Spare
PWR-CABKIT-CN 69-cable kit ,17 cables
PWR-CABKIT-JP 69-cable kit ,17 cables
ACC-PHD1080P Accessory Kit Precision HD Camera
L-AESCDN5-K9 AES and HTTPS Enable Upgrade for Cisco AM GW 3600 Series
L-AESCDN6-K9 AES and HTTPS Enable Upgrade for Cisco TS 7000 Series
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